Fees and scholarship

Tuition fees are 650€ (VAT included). This amount covers tuition and working materials.

Students, or recently graduated former students ONLY may apply for “Freetorino” scholarships.


FREETORINO: scholarships covering both tuition fees and living expenses in Torino. Those who are awarded a FREETORINO scholarship will be lodged at one of Torino’s student halls from July 2nd to July 16th 2017. A single or double (depending on availability) en-suite room and one meal per day (dinner) will be provided. These scholarships may be applied by current students (i.e. undergraduates who will not have completed their international relations/security studies degree at the time of the School, or applicants who either are studying at the Postgraduate level or will be doing so in the 2017-18 academic year) or by former students that have graduated not earlier than September 1st, 2016 and that do not have an independent source of revenue. Applicants must not be resident in the Province of Torino (IT).


Those students who are awarded a FREETORINO scholarship will have their fees entirely reimbursed by October 31st 2017, provided they have met the relevant conditions (see what they are here). Half-board accommodation for those granted a FREETORINO will not require any payment on their part and will be available from July 2nd 2017.


How to pay


The only accepted means of payment is a direct bank transfer for the entire above mentioned amount (650€).
Bank transfer costs MUST be covered in full by the participants. Here are the bank data:

Associazione T.wai  (Torino World Affairs Institute)
IBAN: IT60 W033 5901 6001 0000 0009 497
Bank name: Banca Prossima S.p.a
Bank address: Via Manzoni ang. Via Verdi – 20121 Milano IT

It is absolutely essential that the stated reason for payment is the following:

“Name and Surname, Engaging Conflict Summer School 2017”