Requirements for the ZEROTASSE scholarship

In order to take advantage of the ZEROTASSE scholarship candidates must:

  • currently be enrolled in a university course, whether postgraduate or undergraduate (in the latter case, their degree must be a international relations/security studies one) OR having graduated not earlier than 1 September 2017 and not having an independent source of revenue;
  • have sent all necessary documents to the Engaging Conflict office (application form, updated CV, copy of the official enrollment letter/certification testifying their current student status, copy of the current academic transcript, and place of residence declaration);
  • have paid their fees in full (650€, comprehensive of VAT);
  • have attended a minimum of 51 hours of lectures/seminars;
  • achieve at least a “pass” grade in the final exam.

If all requirements listed above are met, the fees will be entirely reimbursed to the scholarship-winning students by 31 October 2018.