Application procedure

Application procedure

Since the maximum number of accepted participants to the Engaging Conflict Summer School is 25, we expect a tough competition to secure a place at the School. We therefore advise to apply as soon as possible, provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

In order for their application to be considered, applicants must send their updated CV to the Engaging Conflict office ( and complete the online application form. Click here to fill in the application form now.

In addition to these actions, students only are requested to send a copy of their official enrollment letter/certification testifying their current student status and an academic transcript. Recently graduated students (i.e. having obtained their degree not earlier than September 1st, 2016) applying for a scholarship are requested to provide the academic transcript as well. The documentation will be used to select the best candidates, both for a place at the School and for scholarships (when applied for). Only applicants requesting for a Freetorino scholarship are additionally required to offer proof of their residence by filling in, signing and returning this document.

No application will be accepted after Sunday 7th May 2017, 12 pm Rome time.

Confused? See the application checklist.

When all necessary application documents are with the Engaging Conflict office, the program officer will place them in the candidate’s personal file and make sure all compulsory requirements are met. If this is the case, the file is passed on to the Selection Committee, which is composed of scholars appointed by T.wai and by the Department of Culture, Politics and Society (University of Turin).

All complete applications reaching Engaging Conflict by Friday May 7th 2017 12 pm (Rome time) will be evaluated by Monday May 15th and official confirmations will be sent individually immediately thereafter.

Successful applicants receiving an offer must formally accept it and send proof of fees payment (direct bank transfer) via email. Upon receiving these, the Engaging Conflict office will confirm the allocation of the place. Applicants who should fail to send such confirmation and proof of payment within a week from the notification of their successful application will have their offer withdrawn, and their place will be offered to the best candidates in the waiting list.

Tuition fees are 650€ (VAT included).

All successful applicants must pay their full fees.

Students who are awarded a FREETORINO scholarship will have their fees entirely reimbursed by October 31st 2017, provided they have met the relevant conditions (see what they are here). Half-board accommodation for those granted a FREETORINO will not require any payment on their part and will be available from July 2rd 2017.